Can you see that?

A dreamy castle

Within a blossoming garden

A magical place

Where all your dreams come true

And i'm the Queen

Who dream

Dancing all night

with the King

Ocean blue gown

As light as the cloud

A perfectly fit

Shining glass shoes

And a loving

Fairy godmother


I can't ask

For more

But to live here


It's an ungranted dream

And a death wish

I'm running

Out of time

The castle made of sand

Is falling apart

All the roses

Turn to ashes

I'm crying my soul

Reaching out to no one

Hoping to stay

But i shouldn't

In a dark corner of my room

I wake up

Not a queen

But a servant

Not a pretty castle

But a rickety house

Not a blossoming garden

But a lonesome land

And once again

I woke up into a nightmare

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